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Aerial work UAV (drone).

A fantastic new development in photography. We are now able to offer aerial photography and videography from drones.

We can offer you a bird's eye view of your home, estate, country house, golf course, fishing lakes and rivers, football / rugby pitches, car dealerships, equine establishments, town / village, planning, events, farming, farm shops. There is so much we can do for you.



Regulations permit a maximum flight altitude of 400ft (121m) above the     ground. We may also fly up to 500m horizontally from the pilot in any direction. UAVs (drones) may only be flown over people who have been briefed about the operation, so flight over or near crowds is not permitted unless special permission has been granted. A UAV may not be flown within a town or city unless there is enough space for the operation to be conducted safely (operating area of 100m across). There are certain restricted areas where flight is prohibited, and some are regulated. In many cases an Enhanced Non-Standard Flight Clearance will be required, which can take up to 7 days to process.

Latest work
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